Task Launcher

Role: Product Design

I worked with a small team of developers and a stake holder to create a task management tool aimed at improving project management for individual freelancers and agencies.

My role was the Product Designer working with the main stake holder to relay the concept idea into a functional product. I worked with developers to assure product functionality followed the design.

Task Launcher Dashboard


Create a platform that includes all the agile work process features for task management to use for individuals and agencies. The platform needs to include the client into the process with restricted access to the full projects management.


Creating a platform that will include the processes that allow users to keep track of tasks, time work spent and keep clients up to date with progress and sprints.

task list and filtering

Task Filtering

Display tasks and allow filtering to for optimal readability.

Multiple dashboard for organization

Multi Dashboard

Multi dashboard easing that will allow users to split and organize projects based on any similarities that would like.

Custom Theme for platform


Themes allow users to create a work space that will reflect personality that will help platform commitment.

Platform ROI

SCRUM/Agile Workflow

Project management following Agile/SCRUM process standards.

SCRUM Agile Workflow

Open Platform

Client involvement and open process using portal to relay project information for that specific client.

Client portal access functionalty

Project Process

For project start off I gathered market research and user behavior from user reviews. Creating an overall product message was important to formulate prior to working on a brand direction. The next step was to work on wireframes and page flows. Once a solid layout was created and brand style created high fidelity mock-ups were created.

Additional Work